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Display Names for Aliases in Canary! ✨


Now, you can specify a display name for your email aliases in Canary Mail and your recipients will see your chosen name for your alias!


📧 Here's what you need to do:

Open Canary Mail

Go to Preferences > Accounts > Aliases.

Add a new alias address and name or edit an existing one!


Update now and enjoy seamless emailing! ✨


Add display name to Aliases - missing feature

I’ve got a couple of email aliases set up on my main iCloud account. Within iCloud mail settings on the web, it allows you to specify your name and the actual alias address eg: ‘Dave’ then ‘’ When I send an email from the stock mail app, it seems to show the recipient ‘Dave’ rather than the full address. Great. But this doesnt happen in Canary and it should - every other client allows you to specify a name on the alias.