Feature Ideas

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  1. Set up Reminder to Follow up an Email

    You can set it up for mails with the condition that only sends you a reminder if they dont replay or send a reminder even if they replay

    Jose M


  2. Mail limit > 400

    Just found out the Canary Mail only shows the last 400 mails per account... I really think this a no-go (at least for the desktop app), so I want at least an option to see/download/cache all mails to my computer...



  3. Sorting emails by sender

    Sorting emails by sender is, own my opinion, a basic function of every email client. It helps to sort through emails quickly and clear unwanted emails or move them to folders. I find it amazing that Canary Mail does not have this feature. It is also noted that Canary Mail's own website promotes sorting emails by sender (https://canarymail.io/blog/manage-and-organize-emails/): 'Group by the sender: Another way to organize your inbox is by grouping messages from specific senders together. This can be particularly useful if you work with a lot of different people and want to quickly find messages from a particular colleague or client.' So, why is this function not there?



  4. Out of Office Responder

    Out of office replies would be very useful when OOO. This is an important feature for those using Canary for work.



  5. Apple’s Reminder integration

    Congrats re: integrations. This is game changer. Can we expect an integration with Apple’s Reminder anytime soon? Also, this would be awesome to have integrations options in swipes for quicker access/process. Best

    Arno L


  6. Email Search engine: search "from:mario", "from:xxx@mail.com"...

    As it is a standard on email clients, along the day we need to retrieve a communication from someone of from a subject. so usually we do a search using keywords, like "from: mario" and I will see all emails listed that were sent by mario, or I write "to:xxx" and I see all emails sent to xxx...or even by subject, "subject:xxx". and I can read all emails from xxx subject. this is key to work efficiently.

    Mario A


  7. Account Colour Prominence

    Showing account colours only adds a very thin bar the the side of the email in the inbox. It doesn’t really help that much. I’d like to see this bar a bit bigger and in the left hand side next to the avatar to increase visibility.

    David F


  8. Weekly View In Calendar

    Not sure why but having more customization options for the calendar would be a big plus. Why there is NO « week » view is incomprehensible to me. As well, week start days, length of appointments and maps of locations should all v’be standard. It would make Canary “all-encompassing “ and save from running a calendar program. Having it tightly integrated with the email would be a big plus as well. Go directly from an email to booking a time slot with one swipe. thanks for taking the time to consider it.

    Christian L


  9. "✓ " Read receipts icon shown in message - with each email address separately.

    Please add "✓ Read" in the correspondence window next to each email address (To: - Cc: - Bcc: ) separately.

    Anonymous Fly
    #Productivity#UI / UX#iOS


  10. Accept/Decline invitation meetings

    I cannot believe that Canary does not have the ability to have buttons to accept or decline meetings that are then added to your calendar.

    Pieter W.O. P


  11. Make canary smarter like Spark mail

    To divided mails at the top the mail box, and pins and seen, it’s easy to check the mails, also show the numbers of the inbox and pins each at the bottom of the mail, please refer to Spark.



  12. Templates should be able to have attachments

    A significant use case of templates involves sending files such as forms that need to be completed. Having the ability to attach them to a template is essential.



  13. Show Full Email Addresses for Phishing Protection

    To help combat phishing, I would like to have full email address visible all the time, not just the "friendly name". It's too easy to be lulled into a sense of security without seeing the full email address.

    #UI / UX


  14. Spam Filter

    Prevents getting repeated emails that aren't needed

    Gary K


  15. Rearrange email accounts

    Would be awesome if we could reorder the email accounts

    #UI / UX