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Mark as read manually or automatically, whatever suits you better!

New Feature

Hey Canary enthusiasts! Absolutely thrilled to share that we've shipped this feature! You can find it in Preferences > General > Reading > Mark as Read and choose your preferred setting. Choose between Mark as Read 'Manually', 'Automatically' or 'After 5 seconds'.

Your feedback is invaluable, and we couldn't be more excited to introduce a solution that streamlines your email experience. Thank you for inspiring us with your insights. Happy emailing!🚀🎉


Mark as read after 5 seconds

Sometimes you click on an email only to see after reading the first few words that you won't take care of it right away. A few seconds are enough for that. And if the message was not considered read as soon as you click on it then you would not have to mark it as unread to make sure you won't forget it.

Fabrice N